S4-6: Upcoming Scholar sessions

SCHOLAR’s upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are:

Day Date Time Subject Level
Monday 26 November 2018 6pm Modern Languages Higher
Tuesday 27 November 2018 6pm Chemistry Higher
Thursday 29 November 2018 6pm Maths Higher

S4-6: Scholar

SCHOLAR’s upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are:

Day Date Time Subject Level
Monday 22/10/2018 6pm Physics Higher
Tuesday 23/10/2018 6pm English Higher
Thursday 25/10/2018 6pm Maths National 5

For more information on how to take part in upcoming sessions, please visit SCHOLAR’s Online Tutor Sessions.
Please note that worksheets will be available and should be attempted before some sessions.

S4-6 students: study during snow days

Eyemouth High School is closed today and tomorrow. With Prelim exams starting in 12 days time, this is clearly a very important time of year for all S4-6 students. Students should be ensuring that they are making the most of this time to prepare for exams. I recommend the following resources:

  • SQA Past Papers and Specimen Question Papers – these are available to download for free on the SQA website. Just do a Google search for them. Detailed Marking Instructions are also available. Practising questions from these papers is some of the best Prelim preparation that you can do. Quite simply: you can’t practise questions enough. There is a lot of value in going back over questions that you have already practiced (even more than once) to ensure that you have learned from mistakes.
  • BBC Bitesize website – this is packed full of revision materials and mock assessment questions for most subjects.
  • Scholar: access online support materials for Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, English, Maths, Modern Languages and Physics – including video tutorials – here: http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/Resources/Live_Online_Sessions/Previous_Sessions.html

Mr Robertson

S4-6 Reports and support for students

All S4-6 students will be issued with their latest Progress Point Report at Registration tomorrow. Included with reports will be two documents:

Getting The Best Results You Can – Part 2 is designed to help students and parents better understand how to get the most out of SQA and BBC support resources.

The Senior Study Support Programme, 2017-18 has been put together to let students and parents see what support is available out-with class time.

We hope you find these useful. Any feedback can be sent directly to Mr Robertson, Depute Headteacher: brobertson@scotborders.gov.uk

Getting the Best Result That You Can

Last Thursday evening we had a Senior Phase Information Evening, which included a presentation called “Getting the Best Result That You Can”. This summarised key messages that have come from teachers in Eyemouth High School, and from students who have previously been successful in exams. A copy of the presentation and hand-out are attached:

LEAPS Information Evenings

LEAPS have three Parents Information Evenings coming up – in Galashiels, Edinburgh and Stirling – for parents, carers and/or guardians of LEAPS-eligible S5 students who are thinking about university or college. Students are very welcome to attend too!

Galashiels Tuesday 15 March 7-9pm at Heriot-Watt University, Borders Campus
Edinburgh Thursday 17 March 7-9pm at Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus
Stirling Tuesday 22 March 7-9pm at the University of Stirling.

Find out more and book your places here.

Bright Red Digital – free online support for National 5 and Higher students

Bright Red 1

We have promoted this site before, but it’s worth promoting again: http://www.brightredbooks.net/subjects/

This is a free online resource which provides excellent support for students following National 5 and Higher courses. All students have to do is sign-up with a username and password.

Bright Red 2

A wide variety of subjects are catered for, as shown above.

Bright Red 3

Taking Chemistry as an example, as can be seen in the above image, there are a wide variety of online support materials available, include interactive tests, which are marked online, and which provide feedback and help:

Bright Red 4

Bright Red 5

There are also videos, which are useful to watch at home, or which teachers might wish to use in the classroom:

Bright Red 6

All students following National 5 or Higher courses are strongly encouraged to sign-up to use this site, and to make use of it as part of their regular homework/revision routine.

Mr Robertson

Study Zone: Prelims

As has been the case in recent years, in the lead-up to Prelim and SQA exams, S4-6 students are being given the opportunity to attend Eyemouth High School’s Study Zone. This is an opportunity for students to get small group or one-to-one support with subject teachers, or to work in small groups or individually in a quiet study are. In previous years, it has proved very popular and we would encourage all S4-6 students who will be sitting exams to attend.

Below is a timetable for Prelim Study Zone (Study Zone in the lead-up to SQA exams will start in early March). Students are asked to sign-in and sign-out in the library at the start and end of each session. The library will also serve as a quiet study area, where juice and biscuits will be available.

If you have any questions about Study Zone, please contact Mr Robertson, Depute Headteacher.

As part of preparation for Prelims, the following websites may be of use:

The “How To Pass” series of books are also useful, and are available as a book or as a Kindle edition (for use with Kindles or the Kindle App). An example is here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Pass-National-Biology-pass/dp/1444184547

Finally, as a reminder, the S4 Parents’ Evening is this evening, and the S5&6 Parents’ Evening is next Wednesday.

S4 Assertive Mentoring

As has been the case in recent years, all S4 students have been given an Assertive Mentor. They will meet with their mentor three times in the year, shortly after each of their Progress Reports has been issued.

By now, most S4 students should have had a meeting with their mentoring; if they haven’t, this meeting should be happening very shortly.

The purpose of Assertive Mentoring meetings is to discuss, in detail, each student’s Progress Point Report, along with evidence of progress as recorded in their Planner. Mentors should be supporting and challenging students, so that they can achieve the best possible qualifications this year.

Examples of the types of things discussed might include developing study plans and improving study habits, and how to make the most out of revision resources available e.g. SQA specimen question papers, commercial revision guides, and resources on BBC Bitesize. Usually, mentors will agree specific targets with students and then follow-up on these at their next meeting.

If your son or daughter is in S4, please ask them about their Assertive Mentoring meetings.