S1-3 Progress Reports

S1-3 students were issued with their first Progress Report of the year on Friday. There is a parental/guardian return slip which we would be grateful if you could complete and return.

This Progress Report should be read along with the information that students record in their Planner (they keep a daily Self-evaluation Record and also a record of assessed work in their Progress Record). We ask S1-3 students to get a parental/guardian signature in their Planner every weekend. If you haven’t been in the habit of asking your son or daughter to see their Planner at weekends and signing it, we would appreciate it if you could start to do so.

Many thanks,

Mr Robertson


S4-6 Progress Point Reports

S4-6 students have been issued with their first Progress Point Report this morning. Along with the information they record in their Planner, we hope that is a useful summary of where they are with their learning in each of their Senior Phase courses. You may find it useful to look at this along with the “Progress Record” section of your son/daughter’s Planner.

There is a feedback/comments sheet at the back of the report. We would appreciate it if you could complete that and ask your son/daughter to return it to their Registration teacher. This also serves as a receipt that you have received the report.

Finally, included in envelopes with reports is a “Getting the Best Results that You Can” information sheet. This has been put together based on comments by teachers and students in Eyemouth High School. We hope you find that useful too.

Mr Robertson

Senior Reports

The first set of Senior Progress Point Reports were issued to S5&6 students at the end of last week, and to S4 students yesterday. The next set are due in December.

Please also ask your son or daughter about the “Progress Record” in their Planner, which should be kept up-to-date with results and feedback from in-class assessments, for each of their subjects.

Student self-evaluation and Planners

Self-evaluation is a skill which Eyemouth High School works hard to develop in students and staff. Students are expected to self-evaluate their progress on an on-going basis, period-by-period. The student Planner has been designed to help with this, and all S1-3 students should be using it to record a summary of their learning and progress at the end of each period:


Our new S1 students have been asked to get their parents to sign this section of the Planner at weekends, and we are now rolling this out to S2. If you are a parent of an S1 or S2 student, please could you remind your son or daughter to show you their Planner at the weekend, discuss their self-evaluation with them, and sign it.

Mr Robertson (Depute Headteacher)

S3 Parents’ Evening and Aspirational Targets

The S3 Parents’ Evening is on Wednesday 4th March, 6pm – 8.30pm. S3 students should be in the process of making appointments.

Many of the conversations will focus on which courses students would like to follow next year. To support this, students are given “Aspirational Targets” for each of their subjects. Parents should receive a letter through the post tomorrow morning which gives details of these. If you are attending the Parents’ Evening, please bring this along with you.

S1-3 Progress Report 1

S1-3 students were issued with their first Progress Point Report today. When looking at this, please also ask your son or daughter if you can look their Planner – this contains their Period-By-Period Self assessment and Progress Record (examples below). Taken together, it is hoped that these give you a good feel for how your son or daughter is getting on in each of their subjects.



 Progress Record 4

Please feel free to use the returns slip to offer any feedback you have about anything to do with our approach to reporting.

Senior Progress Point Report 1

S4-6 students have been issued with their first Progress Point Report this week (they will receive a second in December and a third in March). For each of their subjects, this should have:

  • A target grade (National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher only – the target for National 3 and 4 courses is to “pass”);
  • A progress colour: AMBER, GREEN or RED;
  • A brief, supportive comment;
  • An indication of effort, behaviour and homework.

The information in this report should be supported by information in the Student Planner, which contains each student’s Progress Record (to record assessment information) and Period-By-Period Self Assessment (which student’s should be completing towards the end of each lesson).

Collectively, it is hoped that these give students and parents a good idea of how students are doing in each of their subjects.

Reporting on Student Progress, Period-By-Period

Students in Eyemouth High School should all now be self-assessing their own progress using “period-by-period self assessment” in their Planners. It should look something like this:


Towards the end of each lesson, as teachers sum up what should have been learned, students are asked to decide if their understanding/progress was GREEN, AMBER or RED:

  • AMBER: it was GOOD. On the whole, they understood most of it. They probably will have to think about things a little bit more, do a bit of practice or perhaps a little more work to get it fully, but on the whole, it was fine.
  • GREEN: it was EXCELLENT or VERY GOOD. They really understood this lesson, they got all of it, and they feel really confident about what they learned.
  • RED: There were things in this lesson that they didn’t really get. They will need to take steps to make sure that they do get it, such as speaking to their teacher, concentrating really hard during the next lesson, or doing extra work at home. Students should not worry about self-assessing as “red” – it’s important that they flag up problems, so that something can be done about it.

Please ask to see your son or daughter’s Planner on a regular basis, look at their Period-By-Period Self Assessment, and ask them questions about what colours they have given themselves.