S4-6 students: study during snow days

Eyemouth High School is closed today and tomorrow. With Prelim exams starting in 12 days time, this is clearly a very important time of year for all S4-6 students. Students should be ensuring that they are making the most of this time to prepare for exams. I recommend the following resources:

  • SQA Past Papers and Specimen Question Papers – these are available to download for free on the SQA website. Just do a Google search for them. Detailed Marking Instructions are also available. Practising questions from these papers is some of the best Prelim preparation that you can do. Quite simply: you can’t practise questions enough. There is a lot of value in going back over questions that you have already practiced (even more than once) to ensure that you have learned from mistakes.
  • BBC Bitesize website – this is packed full of revision materials and mock assessment questions for most subjects.
  • Scholar: access online support materials for Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, English, Maths, Modern Languages and Physics – including video tutorials – here: http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/Resources/Live_Online_Sessions/Previous_Sessions.html

Mr Robertson


“Study Zone” and Study Support Programme

In addition to the weekly programme of Study Support offered to students (Senior Study Support Programme, 2017-18) all S4-6 students are invited to attend “Study Zone” in the lead-up to Prelim and SQA exams. During Study Zone, students can either go to after-school support sessions with particular teachers or can go to the library to use it as a quiet study area. In previous years Study Zone has been very popular and has received very positive feedback from students. We are encouraging all Senior students to attend.

  • Prelim Study Zone starts on Monday 8th January and is offered on Monday – Thursday evenings, 3:45 – 5pm, until Thursday 25th Prelim exams start on Monday 29th January. A timetable for Prelim Study Zone is included below.
  • SQA Study Zone starts on Monday 16th April and is offered on Monday – Thursday evenings, 3:45 – 5pm, until Thursday 26th A timetable for SQA Study Zone will follow.

The Study Zone Programme for the period 8th – 25th January looks as follows:

  • Biology: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • Business Management: 3:45pm on a Wednesday
  • Chemistry: 3:45pm on a Wednesday (or by appointment with teacher)
  • Design and Manufacture: Please arrange with teacher
  • Economics: 3:45pm on a Thursday
  • Engineering Science: Please arrange with teacher
  • English: Please arrange with teacher – each teacher is organising Study Zone sessions for their own classes
  • Fashion & Textiles: Please arrange with teacher
  • French: Please arrange with teacher
  • Geography: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • German: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • Graphic Communication: Please arrange with teacher
  • History: Please arrange with teacher; lunchtime on a Thursday
  • Hospitality: Please arrange with teacher
  • Maths: 3:45pm on a Thursday (Mrs Atkinson); lunchtime sessions on a Tuesday and Wednesday for Higher students also available during the Study Zone period with Mr Krievs
  • Modern Studies: 3:45pm on a Thursday
  • Religious and Moral Education: 3:45pm on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • PE: Please arrange with teacher
  • Physics: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • Quiet Study Area (Library): 3:45pm Monday – Thursday

A Study Zone programme, which includes a Revision Checklist, is available to download:

We have also produced a two-part support document for students and parents called Getting The Best Results You Can. This is also available to download:

Mr Robertson

S4-6 Progress Point Reports

S4-6 students have been issued with their first Progress Point Report this morning. Along with the information they record in their Planner, we hope that is a useful summary of where they are with their learning in each of their Senior Phase courses. You may find it useful to look at this along with the “Progress Record” section of your son/daughter’s Planner.

There is a feedback/comments sheet at the back of the report. We would appreciate it if you could complete that and ask your son/daughter to return it to their Registration teacher. This also serves as a receipt that you have received the report.

Finally, included in envelopes with reports is a “Getting the Best Results that You Can” information sheet. This has been put together based on comments by teachers and students in Eyemouth High School. We hope you find that useful too.

Mr Robertson

Getting the Best Result That You Can

Last Thursday evening we had a Senior Phase Information Evening, which included a presentation called “Getting the Best Result That You Can”. This summarised key messages that have come from teachers in Eyemouth High School, and from students who have previously been successful in exams. A copy of the presentation and hand-out are attached:


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