S3 Profiles

As has been the case for a number of years now, to mark the end of the Broad General Education phase of their education, over the last few weeks S3 students have been creating an S3 Profile which sums up their key learning and achievements from their first three years in Eyemouth High School.

Most S3 students completed these on Wednesday, saving a copy in school and printing out a copy to take home. Some S3 students were involved in the Athletics Championship on Wednesday and so have the opportunity to finish off their Profiles tomorrow. If students are out of school tomorrow (e.g. because they are on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition), they will have an opportunity to complete their Profile next week.

If you have a son or daughter in S3, please ask them to see a copy of their S3 Profile. It is a document that they should feel proud of.

Mr Robertson


Lifespan Berwick Colour Run

The Lifespan Colour Run Berwick is planned for Saturday 26th March within the grounds of Longridge Towers School. Lifespan aim to engage a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 800 supporters at this specific event.

Professional Athlete and ex Longridge Pupil, Guy Learmonth is working with Lifespan as a Sports Ambassador and has kindly agreed to open the event personally in addition to providing prizes for the Colour Run Races (not the Fun Runs).

Information regarding this event, of which some of our students are taking part, can be found on Facebook by clicking here.

Details about the event can also be found on the life span website; http://www.active.com/berwick-upon-tweed-northumberland/running/distance-running-races/lifespan-colour-run-berwick-2016-21019738



LEAPS Information Evenings

LEAPS have three Parents Information Evenings coming up – in Galashiels, Edinburgh and Stirling – for parents, carers and/or guardians of LEAPS-eligible S5 students who are thinking about university or college. Students are very welcome to attend too!

Galashiels Tuesday 15 March 7-9pm at Heriot-Watt University, Borders Campus
Edinburgh Thursday 17 March 7-9pm at Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus
Stirling Tuesday 22 March 7-9pm at the University of Stirling.

Find out more and book your places here.

RYLA Opportunity

The Rotary Young Leadership Award encourages the development of teamwork and leadership skills in young people who have the potential to be future community professionals and business leaders. Applicants must be aged 15-17 for Summer 2016. This experience is all expenses paid and sponsored through the Rotary Club of Eyemouth & District. 


This is a great opportunity to boost confidence, meet new people and learn about how to be the leader of tomorrow through rafting, outward bound activities and team building. For more information on RYLA, you can visit http://goo.gl/gG2N3m.

Students can find an Application Form in the School Library and from the Head Boy. Applications must be completed by Monday 7th March.

Eyemouth Showcases Talent!

DSC_0494“Inspirational, committed and hard working young people”; just some of the words to describe the talent and amazing work on display as Eyemouth High School held their annual Showcase before the Christmas Holidays. The Showcase was planned in partnership with the Parent Council and multiple organisations from the local community, and built on the successful Technologies Showcase the year before. It is estimated over 500 people attended the event – a great community turnout.
There were a large variety of stalls and activities taking place throughout the evening; from Gymnastics to Heart Start training. “The students and staff are incredibly proud of the achievements of all of its pupils and this evening was all about demonstrating that”, Rory Fairbairn Depute Head Boy. Also on show was the 80ft long community art mural, produced by secondary and primary students, along with many other local people.

Come of the organisations contributing to the event included; The Eyemouth and District Rotary Club, Eyemouth Lifeboat, Ocean Youth Trust, Giacopazzi’s donated some fabulous ice cream, St Abbs Lifeboat sold their fundraising merchandise, Reston Concert Band, Army Cadets and many more.
Parent and teacher, Mrs Emily Bewsey interviewed on the night said, “I’ve just walked through the technology department – a stunning display of work. I’m so proud of my son’s contribution. He loves technology lessons. The standard of work is so high – just fantastic”.
It was a truly remarkable opportunity for the students and the community to work together for a great cause. Mrs Maggie Hodgkins, Depute Head Teacher at Eyemouth High School with the responsibility for Partnerships told us that; “There is a huge sense of privilege and new beginnings for Eyemouth in the air. Eyemouth High School looks forward to linking further with the community in the future. We have an amazing team of parents who support this school and without them this event would have been so much the poorer”. Mrs Hodgkins worked closely with Eyemouth Parent Council to organise the event and free catering on the evening was supplied by the Parent Council.
While demonstrating the skills and techniques learnt and performed for the evening, there was also SQA Exam work on display for all to see. As everyone made their way throughout the High School viewing all that was on offer, there was a true buzz to the atmosphere. This evening not only demonstrated the hard work of the students, but it also provided an opportunity for young and old to share thoughts, views and admiration for all Eyemouth has to offer. The Student Leadership Team was on hand to offer assistance throughout the evening, as well as many younger students too.
On behalf of Eyemouth High School we would like to thank everyone for visiting the Showcase.
Further information can be accessed by finding Eyemouth High School on Facebook.


Royal Navy Team Working Day!

NavyNew S6 students entered a rigorous day of training to be an efficient and motivated team yesterday.

This was following on from the s6 conference which took place last week. The students were required to follow training and warm up with the Navy Officers and entered into a variety of situations where team work is crucial to making a successful result. With blind folds and communication skills, students were able to successfully solve problems. One student said “It was great to be in a team and be required to solve problems and develop our confidence and mind set of working together”. With the sun in the sky, students worked hard and saw great results furthering them to become a more successful and efficient team. Eyemouth High Schools would like to thank The Royal Navy for their time and effort and for making the day a huge success.

Hiymooth Eye News

Athletic Championships 2015

  • Well done to all those who competed so admirably on Wednesdays Athletic Championship. The level of competition was very high and over 100 students were involved throughout the morning.
  • Heriot won the most house points and the year champions and runner ups are;
  • New S2 Girl      Brogan Dougal            Runners up    Leona Maltman
  • New S2 Boy     Kyle Cooledge             Runner up      David Hoffmann and Ethan Sinton
  • New S3 Girl     Sophie MacDonald     Runner up        Katie Walker
  • New S3 Boy     Max  Dluzak               Runners up      Kerr Bolton and Dion Trafford
  • New S4 Girl     Clara Hammersley      Runner up       Jodi Aitken
  • New S4 Boy     Bruce Logan               Runner up       David Fotheringham
  • Senior Girl       Suzanna Hammersley  Runner up      Viktoria Borodavkina
  • Senior Boy      Duncan Hardie             Runner up       Lewis Middlemiss
  • New Records
  • S2 Girls 300m             Elle Drummond                     53.1
  • S2 Boys 200m             Marshall Smith                      27.0
  • S3 Boys 200m             Kacper Dluzak                      26.0
  • Seniors Girls 300m     Suzanna Hammersley           53.0

Thank you to all the staff for your cooperation and to the senior pupil helpers who were excellent.

The voice of the pupils…

Students took part in Eyemouth High School’s new Student Council meetings this week. Pupils of Eye, Heriot and Tweed met with their House Captain’s and fellow Class Representatives to discuss the latest matters affecting them. Class Reps discussed views and opinions of the student body including their thoughts on the School’s Student-Led Assemblies. The comments were positive and constructive on the Assemblies. The Class Reps also reported any questions from their peers to their House Captains, who will then rally the questions to the specific members of Staff.

The Movers & Shakers Group (Formerly Pupil Voice) also met this week. Students updated the Group on different strands of Mover and Shakers, including Eco Schools, Health & Wellbeing and Charities.

The Student Council will continue to work hard on bringing the voice of the pupils to Teachers and Senior Management throughout this term.

Aaron Bolton

Member of Student Council

M Hodgkins

PT wider Achievement