We were delighted to be asked by the organisers of Kirk Square Kitchen to provide the sound and entertainment for this years event. Putting their newly acquired skills to the test having completed their music technology exam, Mickael Alexander and Katherine Marsh operated the sound system for the day and entertainment was provided by students past and present. The weather threatened to put a dampener on things, however, it stayed fair (and at points rather toasty!) and the afternoon was a great success with EHS students doing us proud once again. We also took the opportunity to present cheques to Eyemouth Herring Queen and Eyemouth Lifeboat from funds we had raised from CD sales which were recorded last years thanks to Alan McQueen and John Peakman at Acredale Studios. Full list of performers were; Carly Robertson, Miah Hindhaugh, Hannah Ritchie, Ying Chen, Alex Renton, Marc Mitchell, Katherine Marsh, Mickael Alexander, Elycia Brocker-Penalver and cast members from our forthcoming production ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Andrea Thacker
PT Expressive Arts


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