S4-6 students: study during snow days

Eyemouth High School is closed today and tomorrow. With Prelim exams starting in 12 days time, this is clearly a very important time of year for all S4-6 students. Students should be ensuring that they are making the most of this time to prepare for exams. I recommend the following resources:

  • SQA Past Papers and Specimen Question Papers – these are available to download for free on the SQA website. Just do a Google search for them. Detailed Marking Instructions are also available. Practising questions from these papers is some of the best Prelim preparation that you can do. Quite simply: you can’t practise questions enough. There is a lot of value in going back over questions that you have already practiced (even more than once) to ensure that you have learned from mistakes.
  • BBC Bitesize website – this is packed full of revision materials and mock assessment questions for most subjects.
  • Scholar: access online support materials for Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, English, Maths, Modern Languages and Physics – including video tutorials – here: http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/Resources/Live_Online_Sessions/Previous_Sessions.html

Mr Robertson


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