“Study Zone” and Study Support Programme

In addition to the weekly programme of Study Support offered to students (Senior Study Support Programme, 2017-18) all S4-6 students are invited to attend “Study Zone” in the lead-up to Prelim and SQA exams. During Study Zone, students can either go to after-school support sessions with particular teachers or can go to the library to use it as a quiet study area. In previous years Study Zone has been very popular and has received very positive feedback from students. We are encouraging all Senior students to attend.

  • Prelim Study Zone starts on Monday 8th January and is offered on Monday – Thursday evenings, 3:45 – 5pm, until Thursday 25th Prelim exams start on Monday 29th January. A timetable for Prelim Study Zone is included below.
  • SQA Study Zone starts on Monday 16th April and is offered on Monday – Thursday evenings, 3:45 – 5pm, until Thursday 26th A timetable for SQA Study Zone will follow.

The Study Zone Programme for the period 8th – 25th January looks as follows:

  • Biology: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • Business Management: 3:45pm on a Wednesday
  • Chemistry: 3:45pm on a Wednesday (or by appointment with teacher)
  • Design and Manufacture: Please arrange with teacher
  • Economics: 3:45pm on a Thursday
  • Engineering Science: Please arrange with teacher
  • English: Please arrange with teacher – each teacher is organising Study Zone sessions for their own classes
  • Fashion & Textiles: Please arrange with teacher
  • French: Please arrange with teacher
  • Geography: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • German: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • Graphic Communication: Please arrange with teacher
  • History: Please arrange with teacher; lunchtime on a Thursday
  • Hospitality: Please arrange with teacher
  • Maths: 3:45pm on a Thursday (Mrs Atkinson); lunchtime sessions on a Tuesday and Wednesday for Higher students also available during the Study Zone period with Mr Krievs
  • Modern Studies: 3:45pm on a Thursday
  • Religious and Moral Education: 3:45pm on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • PE: Please arrange with teacher
  • Physics: 3:45pm on a Tuesday
  • Quiet Study Area (Library): 3:45pm Monday – Thursday

A Study Zone programme, which includes a Revision Checklist, is available to download:

We have also produced a two-part support document for students and parents called Getting The Best Results You Can. This is also available to download:

Mr Robertson


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