Eyemouth Enrichment presents…..

Eyemouth High School Enrichment group proudly presents….’Geek Side Story!’. Rehearsals are drawing to a close as 50 our students prepare for their performance of an original musical play, where the battle is on between the ‘geeks’ and the ‘wags’! In amongst the arguing and bickering, over who really rules the school, are the poor, long suffering ‘wannabe One Direction’ boys…but will it be a geek or a wag who wins the school heartthrob? More importantly, who will the wacky talent show judges – Louis Welsh, Simon Coward, Bruno Tagliatelle and Nicola Shirtswinger – choose to be the winner of ‘The Eye Factor’? Come along and see for yourself and sing along to some chart classics old and new. With a cast of ‘x’ and ‘x’ musicians playing alongside our professional friends, this will surely be a night to see that Eyemouth really does have talent!
Tuesday 12th December at 7pm, tickets £5 for adults and £2.50 for under 18’s, available from the school office. #bethereorbesquare😜

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